Dr. Amrita

Hi,I am Dr.Amrita better known as Krish’s mom..My son Krish is studying in Chimes Montessori from last three and half years..our experience with the school has been far more than satisfying..we are very happy with the overall development of our son..Chimes faculty have played an important and incredible role in shaping up my child…Teachers and staffs under the guidance of Brinda maam do an amazing job..Faculty is so loving and patient with children..They have worked tirelessly and selflessly in shaping up each and every child at their own pace and capacity..Chimes children have blossomed from a bud to beautiful glowing flower..When my son Krish turned 2 years old I was looking for a good school where he would be taken care and learn new things..When I enquire with other parents around,they all suggested me Chimes Montessori,that’s the name Brinda maam has built for the school over the years..when I had joined my son he was a two year old and could hardly speak bisyllable words..and now after almost 3 years,I see a confident happy smart independent boy who can read and write a paragraph,do multiplication and division and fraction,can speak boldly infront of crowd ,no stage fear can sing dance and has interests in milti sports..Mind you,all these he has learnt in fun activity,not in a structured table and chair class room..Everyday my child look forward to go to school and be with his teachers and friends that’s the warmth school has..All the teachers and staff personally know children’s name greet them with a big smile first thing In the morning..They take utmost care of our children..i would like to congratulate Brinda maam for such a wonderful faculty like Shilpa maam,Parvathy maam,Kavitha maam ,Kalyani maam,Lakshmi maam and others who are so loving caring yet inculcate knowledge and discipline to the children..If u ask me if chimes montessori met my expectations,I would say NO,It exceeded it..Thank you for everything..

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