Frequently Asked Questions

Admission’s FAQs

What is your class size and student teacher ratio?


How many helpers per environment?


Should the child know anything before coming to school?


Should the child be toilet trained?


What extra-curricular activities are offered?

Theatre, Funtura, Music, Story Telling

what does the tuition fee include?

All the stationary, school bag, books and school T shirt.

Do they have a uniform?

Just a school T shirt

What is the teacher’s qualification?

Degree and Diploma in Montessori education.

Do you use technology in classroom?


How do you monitor and encourage the child’s progress?

Every child is given individual presentation. We observe the child at work and if needed they are further guided independently and keep the parents informed.

How many PTM’s in a year?


Do you give projects and homework?

No projects

Is your school recognized?

Yes, by Indian Montessori Centre

Do you take children on field trips and picnics?

We take them for picnic once in a year for children above 3.6 years.

Do you conduct annual day?

Yes, for children above 3.6 years

What is schools’ approach to safety?

  • Security all along the periphery,
  • Internal surveillance cameras at every corner,
  • Strict tracking of transport and commute roads,
  • Appropriate furniture and infrastructure,
    Sanitation and cleanliness to the point.

Do you cater to children with special needs?


Do you have school transportation?


Is non-veg and egg allowed for snacks?


Are the children helped or fed while having their snacks?

Yes, they are helped

Do you celebrate birthdays? Is cutting cake allowed?

We do celebrate birthdays. Parent send Indian sweets individually packed for children. Cake cutting is not encouraged.

When are the holidays?

Dassera (September or October), Christmas (December) and Summer April and May)

How is information communicated to parents?

Through School App – Edchemy

What is the mode of payment of fees and can the fees be paid in instalments?

Mode of payment is through online. No instalment facility.