About Us

We are committed to providing a prepared environment that encourages children to develop practical, intellectual, physical and social discipline.

The prepared environment with a trained guide promotes independence, self-discipline, confidence, and respect for a child’s personal and social life. Chimes strives to follow the educational philosophy and methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori and provide an environment that encourages children to develop to their potential.

The Montessori education allows children to experience the joy of learning at an early age. Each child works and learns at his or her own pace, and according to his or her capacities in a non-competitive atmosphere. Children of varying ages work together in the same environment, stimulating both academic and social growth. Except for infant/toddler groups (Ratio dictated by local social service regulations), the teaching ratio at Chimes is one-trained Montessori adult for (approximately) every set of 13 children. Rather than lecturing to a large or small group of children, the adult is trained to work with one child at a time and to oversee children working on an array of tasks.

Chimes is accredited and recognized by the Indian Montessori Center (IMC).

Our Team

Brinda Srinivas

Founder / Director - Bachelor of commerce, diploma in primary and elementary Montessori studies & inclusive education.

Our humble beginnings sprouted from a vision that respect, support and understand the unique role children have in shaping the future of humanity. My dream of creating an environment that is not only beautiful, but one that would purposefully serve the child in his/her work to inculcate self-confidence, joy and a lifelong love-for-learning. Thank you for your interest in Chimes Montessori. Message from our founder – Brinda Srinivas

Our Teachers are well versed in the basics of math, language, the arts and sciences, and in guiding a child’s research and exploration, capitalizing on her or his interest in and excitement about a subject. The adult does not give assignments or dictate what to study or read, nor does he or she set a limit as to how far a child follows an interest. In course of time, we may change the ratio based on our experiences.

“Tecaher testimonial -- that I’ve been able to send my kid to Chimes.The education they receive is tailored to their individual learning styles and fosters independence, creativity, and critical thinking.”

Kavita Ganesh, Teacher